Loudhouse Rocks

Introducing LoudHouse!

LoudHouse is a youth based collective focusing on songwriting, band forming, recording, playing shows and private lessons. It is located in the Issaquah area. Email for rates, scheduling and questions.

Here's my very brief musical Bio:

I'm currently an independent composer/producer, as well as drummer for Duff Mckagan's Loaded and Vendetta Red. I've jammed with Smashing Pumpkins, Offspring, Heart, Down, Mark Lanegan and Wanz, as well as members of Motorhead, Pearl Jam, Perfect Circle, Prince's New Power Generation, Sade, Sugar Ray, Yellowcard, and Third Eye Blind.

A couple audio engineering highlights include Rick Steve's "Ipod Italy Museum tour" and Weezer's "Lullaby for Wayne" and "Jamie" on DGC rarities.

Here are a couple commercials I've recently composed.

Acer's Life in Full Swing

Here's a recent movie soundtrack piece I did

Here's a piece of music I did for CSI NY (0:35)

Here's me in a movie

It's So Easy

Here's my video page

Play with your heart!

Bands looking for a drummer for hire, email burket@prispop.com for rates and scheduling

Loaded playing at Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack Burke Thomas from Loaded at Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack Loaded play Seahawks game Loaded Curse of the North Muzzle Pris Vendetta Red